My music journey started with a piano out of tune.

A brief story.

I began to play the piano when I was 14 years old on a cheap keyboard. As my skills progressed it was necessary to look for a real piano. We moved in a new renovated house during the search of a new piano. During this time  a mum's colleague told her that her father died which was a passionate piano collector. She offered us to visit her. 

In the house I was walking around like in a dream from room to room. In each room there stood a piano of known brands. In the last room there was a beautiful old piano from the 60ies produced by Stingl, a Viennese manufacturer. A little bit out of tune but everything was working properly. I knew that this piano was not in the range of our budget but I asked cautiously about the price. It came the surprising answer "I want to give you the piano for free. I am bound to this piano sentimentally and my intention is to give this piano in good hands and that somebody plays regularly on it."


I composed on this piano: And what?, Heartrecycling, I am Sorry, Soulfrequency,  Game for Over, False Friends, Bachelor of Love and PKP Warszawa.


I thank the universe for this magical encounter.