Audio Branding

"You product and service have a voice. Let's find it together."


What is audio branding?

synonyms: sound branding, audio marketing


The aim of audio branding is to find the unique sound that reflects your brand and the identity of your business or project. You can increase with the right sound, a melody or a voice the customer attention for your products and services.


With a sound, a melody or a voice you can raise the awareness for your products and services.  Additionally with the combination of visible and audible components you can increase the recognition value by 50 %.


Audio branding

  • increases the emotional customer loyalty
  • intensifies the brand perception
  • gives you a competitive advantage

Audio Brand - What is your sound?

Music for your business – It has a voice. Can you already hear it?


Brands are in competition about the awareness of target groups. People are overstrained with 1000 of pictures each day. The right sound can make the difference and can create a sustainable emotional customer loyalty.

I recommend the following packages for Audio Branding:

Package Audio S

creation of an  audio Logo (3-5 seconds music)


possible usage: intro and outro in videos, apps, website, events, presentation


Package Audio M

creation of an  Audio Logo (3-5 seconds music)

composition of a business longer


possible useage: TV/radio, videos, events, presentations, social media, ring tones


Package Audio L

composition and Production of a corporate sound concept which reflects 100% your business DNA. 

The prices starts at € 490 (excl. VAT).

Satisfied Customers


Before I start with your composition I analyze the following:


  • In which market is your business active?
  • What is your target group?
  • How your business should be perceived by your target group?
  • Which emotions of your target group should be attracted?

 The result of the analysis is the basis for the composition.