Music has the power to give your project a voice. Let's find it together.

Audio Branding My passion.

I make your project audible.





"Your project has a voice. Let’s find this voice together. I am offering you customized music. My focus lies on the power to create emotions and moods dependent on your specific target group that you want to reach. This is the basis for your sound with an own DNA."



Media & Film Music. My love.

The way to a man's and women's emotions go through their ears.



"Emotions can be activated by adding a sound to a picture. I want to strike the heart of the audienca with my handmade compositions. Let's bring your film or media project alive."

Piano Music. My story.

My music journey started with a piano. The story behind.



"My music journey started with a piano. My music wants to invite you to a journey to yourself. Jump from the bogged down boat called daily routine and enter your personal island in order to find your inner peace and tranquility your mind is looking for. Enjoy my music."


Epic Music.    My progress.

Epic Music is the main creator of emotions.




"I realized during my work as a composer that epic music  hits the heart of listeneres directly with its dramatic sounds generated by strings, drums, woodwinds and brass. It combines the old and the new world perfectly and it has the power to capture all levels of sound frequencies."

Satisfied Customers

You will find me when silence gets loud.